Club Constitution

  1. Our title will be The H² Photographic Society. We will affiliate to the Photographic alliance of Great Britain through the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies.
  2. The Society is open to everyone and our aims are to encourage and improve member’s photography.
  3. The annual subscription will be determined at the AGM by a single majority vote of those members present at the meeting. The annual subscription is payable in yearly amounts with special concessions for unwaged and students. Other concessions are at the committee’s discretion. Members failing to pay subscription by 30th September will be deemed to have resigned.
  4.  The officers will be:
    • Hon Chairman
    • Hon Vice Chairman
    • Hon Secretary
    • Hon Internal Competition Secretary
    • Hon External Competition Secretary
    • Hon Treasurer
    • Hon Programme Secretary
    • And up to three other members to help manage the affairs of the Society. The committee has the right to appoint a Hon President and a Hon Vice President(s) as necessary.
  5.  Officers and committee are eligible for re-election each year, and must be proposed by a member and seconded by another. Proposals should be in writing prior to the AGM. Vacant posts can be proposed from the floor. All posts will be decided by a simple majority vote at the AGM.
  6. A special meeting can be convened on a signed request of five members, stating the reason for the meeting. This request to be handed to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the proposed meeting.
  7. Committee meetings: Four members will form a quorum. Special meetings 25% of the membership will form a quorum
  8. The Hon Secretary will keep the minutes of all business meetings and conduct the correspondence of the society.
  9. The Hon Treasurer will collect the subscriptions, monies owing, arrange insurance cover and draw up an annual account for submission to the AGM
  10. Discipline: The Committee can request a member to appear before it stating the reason. Members will have a reasonable opportunity to put forward a defence and to bring a witness. The committee has the power to expel or request a member to resign. The member has the right to appeal at a special meeting. (Rule 6).
  11. No alterations or additions can be made to these rules except at an AGM or at a special meeting under rule 6.
  12. The club funds and effects will only be used to further its aims
  13. In the event of the clubs cessation the funds and assets remaining will be distributed to the current paid up members of the club.
  14. Global Date Protection Regulation 25th May 2018

Member’s data will be held securely and will only be used to enable the normal running of H² Photographic Society. Member’s data will not be shared with a third party and can be viewed on request or removed.

Constitution amended and agreed at the AGM, Moot house, The Stow, Harlow, Essex 23rd May 2019