Competition Rules

All club members are encouraged to enter the competitions and image appraisals as it is a valuable way to improve your photography.

The best place to start is with the image submission guidelines – which talks about how to prepare and enter your images for competitions.

Some competitions have specific rules:


Copyright: – 

All entries must originate from a photographic image (or images) taken by the author. The copyright of all

elements of a picture must be at the disposal of the author. Clip-art and royalty-free images are not permitted.

Disclaimer: – 

Whilst every precaution is taken with entries, H² imaging cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any competition entry. 

Competition Hand in:- 

Unless otherwise stated competition entries must be handed in to the relevant Competition Secretary a minimum of one week before the competition date, as detailed in the programme. No entries will be accepted after midnight on that day. 

Rule of the fourth image: – 

This can be invoked at the discretion of the competition secretary. If there are more entrants than can be judged properly on the evening the fourth image from each entrant (image nominated by the entrant) will be removed from the competition. This image can be used in a later competition. 

This rule also applies to the Panel Assignment, It is important, that each panel has a title (as well as the images within it) and that the third panel is identified by the author. If no third image/panel has been nominated the competition secretary will select the image for removal. This will normally be the last image alphabetically.