Entry Guidelines

Print Entry 

  1. Prints may be colour or monochrome, from a negative or a digital file, home or trade processed. 
  2. Minimum size of image area 452cm2 (70 inch sq.) and mounted on a card mount measuring 50cm x 40cm. 
  3. Prints are to be mounted but not framed. 
  4. Any print that is liable to cause damage to other prints will be disqualified (e.g. Velcro pads, poor mounting tape, etc.). 
  5. Prints must carry the photographers name and a title clearly displayed on the rear top left corner of the print mount. 
  6. A digital file of the print must be submitted via email to print@h2imaging.org.uk (following the email image submission instructions below) at the same same time the print is passed to to the Competition Sec.

D.P.I. Entry

Lightroom users can automate this process by following these instructions.

Digital Files are to be saved in the following format:-

  1. Colour Space – sRGB (In full  – sRGB IEC61966-2.1)
  2. Mode – RGB Colour 8 bit/channel or Greyscale 8 bit/channel.
  3. File Format – JPEG (.jpg) only, saved at its finest setting (12 in Photoshop).
  4. File Size – Maximum width 1600 pixels, maximum height 1200 pixels.
    At least one side must be at least 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high.

File Name: – Image title must be followed by the symbol“ @ ” with spaces either side and the name of the photographer. 

Example: A Dogs Dinner @ Malcolm Tinn 

NB:  Notice the space either side of the @ sign – this is very important

The image must be submitted via email to dpi@h2photo.org.uk (following the email image submission instructions below)

Email Image Submission


To enter a competition

  • Create a new email to the relevant address
  • Attach your files
  • Set the subject of the email to that of the competition
    No need for any text in the body of the email as this will be ignored

You should get a reply within a few minutes telling you if your entry has been successful.

How do I know the right competition name?

Send an email to dpi@h2photo.org.uk with the subject “info”  and it should reply with a list of competitions that are available. Competition subjects will also be made available in the weekly club newsletter.