Using Lightroom to export images for competitions

One-time setup

This may seem a little complicated but you only have to go through the steps once.

In Lightroom select a file and chose File>Export  this takes you to the file export dialogue Select Harddrive at the top :

Then  in the filenaming section drop the box down and select Edit:

Clear anything that is in the white box, select Title in the metadata section and insert then type  @ your name in the white box so it looks like this:

From the dropdown select save as a new preset:

Enter a new name at the top then press create & done

The naming section should now look like this:

Now set the image sizing and sharpening as below:

Now select Add on the left and name your preset:

Exporting an image

Now all you need to do to export your images is add a title in the metadata panel:

Then select the images you wish to create and select File>Export with preset and pick your preset: